Horton Hears A Who Best Family Film

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Family Fun The famous wizard of words, Dr. Seuss, has done it again with his newest movie Horton Hears A Who. There are many aspects of Horton that make it the best animation it is. The Dynamic plot, the all star cast, and the puts the movie as the best book turned movie by Dr. Seuss. The animation in my opinion is the best particularly Who-Ville , that speck-borne town with its architecture masterpieces and wondrous designs. The town, throughout the movie makes you feel as though you are in the town along side of whatever character we are focusing in on at the time .The Jungle of Nool, where Horton passes his time and fights for survival of the Who’s, is threatening and fun. At points you would almost feel as if you were in the rainforest with Horton. Who-Ville is a tiny spec on a pink flower, later on the movie the flower is captured and thrown into a giant field of pink flowers. When we first see this pink field, Although the movie doesn’t follow the exact storyline of the book the actors do a wonderful job of piecing together the entire movie. The Mayor of Who-ville, played by Steve Carell, is a stressed dad who has trouble communicating with his son, a moody emotional boy named Jo-Jo. Throughout the story the directors portray situations in which any children can relate to all the time. Like being embarrassed by a parent for something they have done. The dynamic duo is taken on by Seth Rogen ,in the role of a irritating not stop always fast paced house, Morton , Horton’s best friend. Mr. Rogen’s casting, like Mr. Carell’s, is that of a comedic relief. Other notable comedians throughout this film are Jonah Hill, Isla Fisher and Dan Fogler in smaller parts , but they do add a lot to the humor although there roles are not that big. The star that takes on the character brilliantly is Jim Carrey as Horton, and the elephant is a vehicle for an nonstop

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