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Horten Ho IX Essay

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  • on February 10, 2008
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The bombing of Hiroshima. The attack on Pearl Harbor. The naval Battle of Midway. The D-Day invasion. As evidenced in the aforementioned examples, technology was instrumental throughout the entirety of World War II. Aircraft, specifically, was integral in the course of the war. So, considering the importance of warfare in the skies, a question now surfaces: what about the aircraft that never made it to battle?
The Horten Ho IX was a flying wing, single-seat fighter-bomber. The aircraft never went into production because the development of the project halted when U.S. troops overran the research facility. The production name of the aircraft was to be Gotha Go 229 because Gothaer Waggonfabrik (Gotha) was the company that was to build the aircraft (Waligorski). The Horten Ho IX would have impacted the outcome of the war if the aircraft had been put into production because the aircraft possessed unrivalled technology compared to its Allied competitors and its own Axis air forces.
The Horten Ho IX was inspired, designed, and created by Walter and Reimar Horten. The wings of the aircraft were swept back at 32 degrees. There was no fuselage or tail. There were flaps and a speed brake to regulate the aircraft’s rate and angle of descent, and the landing gear was stowed. The first prototype of the aircraft was the V1 (Lee). The Horten Ho IX V1 was a glider with no engine and was tested for the first time in February in 1944 in Goppingen (Waligorski). The second prototype was the Horten Ho IX V2. The V2 was powered by two turbojets and BMW 003 engines were used instead of the planned Jumo 004 (Waligorski). Erwin Ziller was the test pilot for the first flight of the V2 in Oranienburg on February 2, 1945. The aircraft showed extremely good handling, with some problems of lateral stability, a common deficiency in flying wing aircrafts. The second flight of the V2 found the same success as the first. On the third flight, Ziller took off and at 800 m one of the engines failed...

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