Horses Of The Night

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Horses of the Night”, is a short story written by Margaret Laurence. One of the main characters in this story is Chris; a person that came to his cousin’s home in order to enroll in high school. He is new to the life in the small town, he has lived in a small farmland, by the name of Shallow Creek. A tall, lanky person with brown hair, an angular face and showing some bone, Chris is a person who many would see as unique. Chris is someone who would lie to make him appear better when consulting others. He does this when he first arrives at Vanessa’s house, and later on, he is questioned about his life up north. “… it’s made out of trees grown right there beside the lake. … we’ve got two riding horses, Duchess and Firefly. I raised them, and you should see them. Really sleek, know what I mean? I bet I could make racers out of them.” Upon seeing the horses, one appears as a limp, while the other is fat and stubby. Chris isn’t one that is content with who he is, and he would lie for the approval of his image to others. Chris appears as if he doesnt’ care all too much about what happens to him in life. This is somewhat emphasized as he takes on a job of a door-to-door salesman; a job in real life that is generally deemed as unsuccessful, he arrives many times over at his home-stay family to show them his products, while being poor at both demonstration and persuasion. Chris lives on passively as he lies under the stars, thinking of the universe in all it’s glory. Chris lives in a crummy home. Maybe crummy is based on ones own opinions and other matters; but generally, he lives in a crummy home. A laid-back person, as well as a character of deep-thought; despite him working at a farm. His house and farm are laid out on a swamp, and his horses are nothing suiting for what they do, all the while, Chris ignores the diffuculty of life and lies under the stars, to question
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