the horseman of the harmor

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The Horseman of the Armor The book The Horseman of the Armor by Robert Fisher , talks about how people have problems they don’t realize are there. It tells the story of a horseman that helped people. He was always kind and because of this he was a man loved by everyone. The Horseman takes a journey to find help, after he realized that he had a problem. People don’t know how many bad things surround them and they are not aware of their bad habits until they are in an uncomfortable situation. The horseman believed he was generous, lovely and a good man. He did everything a good, lovely, and generous man would do. He tried to make good things, even when people didn't want to. Like the horseman should have done, people should solve there own problems, not being avoiding them by “helping other” because you can not help someone when you have a problem. The Horseman was famous for his armor, because it was big and shiny. He, during years tried to be the best. He had a tolerant and faithful wife, that had a weakness for wine, and a son named Cristobal, who he wanted to be a horseman. The horseman was always in battles, trying to be the best and admiring his armor. He even got to the point of getting in love with his armor, he didn't take it of, Cristobal didn’t even remember his father’s face. The horseman was so worried of being good in battles and rescuing people that he didn’t realized he was pulling his family apart. One day the horseman’s wife, while he was talking about the great things he did every day, stopped him and told him to get out of the armor, and if he didn’t she would take Cristobal and go away. The horseman told her that he needed to have it on all time incase of an emergency. His wife told him that his son and her were suppose to be his most important thing, not his

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