Horseback Riding Essay

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Olivia Horkan Horseback riding is a SPORT Horseback riding's not a sport? 
You lift weights, I lift water buckets.
You run 1 mile, I ride 10.
You work with a team, I work with a 1200 pound animal that I have to communicate with, an animal who doesn't understand words
You have 4 quarters, 2 halves, to show your competitors what you've got, We've got 10 minutes.
When you fall down you fall a couple inches. We fall 5 or more feet. Yet were not athletes. Horseback riding in America should publicly be considered a sport. Equestrianism is the art of riding and handling a horse. Horseback riding was declared an Olympic sport in 1900 and still to this day is in the Olympics. Horseback riding has many disciplines or riding which include, hunter jumper, western, eventing, and dressage and three of those four are in the Olympics. Horseback riding is considered one of the most dangerous sports in the world along with scuba diving, base jumping, bull riding, and white water rafting. There is an estimated 316,000 injuries per year from horseback riding. THAT’S 3X THE AMOUNT OF HOCKEY INJURES!!!! Along with and averaged 100 deaths per year from riding horses. Most of these injuries are head injuries from falling of the horse because after the fall the rider is able to be trampled and kicked which can result in worse injuries. Even though it is a law that you are required to wear a helmet you can land on you head in a fall and break bones in your neck and back. Also the horse is able to flip over on top of you and crush you causing deaths and injuries. Horse back riding should be publicly considered a sport because its completive and widely played. Horse back riding is a competitive sport, which requires training, skill, control, patience and heart. In horseback riding you must learn to control and communicate with an animal that cannot talk in words but rather movements. Yes it

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