Horse Slaughter Research Paper

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Horse Slaughter Since the United States slaughterhouses closed the number of horses being sent across the Canadian and Mexican borders has exploded. In 2010 almost 50,000 horses were sent into Mexico and just over 49,000 were sent into Canada to be slaughtered. Any kind of horse can be slaughtered, even pregnant mares and foals. All unused body parts of horses sent to slaughter are used to make products like soap, cement, ink, lipstick, jell-o, gummy candies, Crayola crayons, cosmetics, lard, and even pet food. The mane and tail of a horse that has been slaughtered are sent to China to be made into paint brushes and the intestines sent to Egypt to become sausage casings. Can you imagine? Tens of thousands of horses are sent to slaughter…show more content…
When the horses are offloaded the slaughterhouse workers use brute force and reluctant horses are often dragged off trailers. As the horses are herded through the plant to slaughter callous workers use fibreglass rods to poke and beat their faces, necks, and legs to keep them moving. Horses will be whipped into the kill box where they are slaughtered by the use of the captive bolt, a four inch retractable nail. The horses are hit repeatedly in the forehead with the captive bolt which is supposed to render the horse unconscious. One hind leg is then shackled and the horse is lifted into the air upside down to have its throat cut and be bled out. Undercover investigations have shown that horses have been hoisted into the hair while still conscious. The terrified horses can smell the blood, can hear the horses in front of them being killed and see other horses hanging in the air. Horses shake violently in the kill box from fear and try desperately to avoid the captive bolt, scrambling and falling on the blood and urine soaked floor of the kill box. It is not uncommon for horses to have broken bones protruding or be seen with eyeballs hanging by a thread of skin. After the horses have been shot they are slid down a ramp to where another worker will hang them by one leg and slit their throats. The U.S. slaughterhouses exported almost 42 million
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