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Horse Slaughter Although people for horse slaughter may argue it’s humane and not wrong to put a horse through slaughter, most people against slaughter will disagree. It’s been found the entire process, from the auctions to death, are very inhumane. Undercover films have been made showing the actual process of horse slaughter. The Doris Day Animal League site states, “Callous treatment at the slaughterhouse often results in prolonged suffering. Panicked horses are often prodded and beaten off the truck and into the kill-chute. An improper use of stunning equipment, designed to render the animal unconscious with a swift shot to the head, means that horses sometimes endure repeated blows, and remains conscious during their own slaughter, including throat slitting.” There have been myths about horse slaughter being a form of humane euthanasia. The fact is it’s a far cry from being “humane.” Euthanasia means a gentle, painless death provided in order to prevent suffering; Horses for slaughter are shipped for more than 24 hours at a time in crowded double-decker cattle trucks without food, water or rest. Pregnant mares, foals, injured horses, and even blind horses must endure the hard journey. Once they arrive, their suffering escalates. Undercover footage obtained once by The Humane Society of the United States demonstrates fully conscious horses are shackled and hoisted by the rear leg and have their throats slit. Even though the states have shut their plaints down, our horses are still being subjected to intense suffering and abuse through transport and slaughter over the border. Many argue that there is no place for all the unwanted horses. But a large number of equine rescues, clubs, riding associations, equine therapy facilities, retirement farms, etc., are more than capable of handling healthy horses or those with curable diseases. Proponents of

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