Horse Slaughter Essay

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Horse Slaughter Horses are used for companionship, jobs, sports and transportation in some cases. Through out history this has not changed, people depend on horses for all those things and even more. In return the owners provide food, water, shelter and love to their horses. Sadly, there comes a time in every horses life when they can no longer do there job for there owners, which leads to a life filled not knowing what tomorrow will bring. It could bring pain , neglect and often the terror of death at a slaughter house. This is an unnecessary and inhumane way of saying you no longer need your horse for anything, so your just going to let them die a very painful death. I picked this topic because I have grown up around horses and I just can't come to a reason why people would do such a horrible thing to there once best friend/ companion There are many arguments on horse slaughter, but through out this essay I will share with you how wrong this really is and why it should be stopped for good. When you ask people in the equine industry about the practice of horse slaughter people find it to be shocking , wrong and most people say no horse should have to face such a brutal end. Horse slaughter is no where near the same as putting a horse down, it is the painful butchering of these innocent animals. The sad part is most horses that are shipped out are still young and would have a good chance of being placed in a loving home. These people just don't want to be bother by a horse they don't need so they shipped it off to a slaughter house to be killed. These horses have no way of getting out of the slaughter house alive, as soon as the horse arrives there you pretty much can say its already dead. Before arriving at the slaughter house horses travel thousands of miles with no food, no water, and no rest over a period of days in overcrowded trucks designed

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