Horse Slaughter Essay

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I learned a lot more stuff about horse slaughter since I picked this topic to do online submissions every Friday. I enjoyed this topic because I learned a lot more about all what is happening with horse slaughter in the USA. More people slaughter horses every year and it basically sickens me because I am a horse person and I personally think it’s wrong. I hate when people do that because it is cruel to any kind of animal. If you don’t deserve it then either does the animals of the world. If somebody took something of mine I will take something of theirs because it isn’t fair to anyone or anything. I am tired of people murdering then for no reason at all. Animals (horses) all over the world get killed because there are so many slaughter houses in the world. I chose this topic because people need to know what a lot of people in the world do to animals it just sickens a lot of people because of their cruelty. Animals do not deserve to die because somebody doesn’t want them or they were abandon I wish there were more people around the world that cared about animals like I do especially horses. I learned the more animals we save matters to some people. I’ve got a friend how has a lot of horses that she owns and I know she has saved more than 50 horses since she has started going to horse sales. Some people really do care about these horses that get slaughtered. For this assignment I have to present this topic like I’m a lawyer not saying what side I’m really on and not wanting to persuade. I kind of already have an outline. And the few questions I got from my "non-horse friend class mates weren’t that helpful." And looked at me like uggh. Why are you writing a paper on this! Here's why I’m writing a paper on this....I think there is a lot of careless over breeders out there that’s causing the horse market to go way down. I go to horse auctions and I've seen horses

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