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SUNDOWN TIMES STEEPLECHASE RACING There have been many reports about the value of Steeplechase Racing. Some say that this should be banned and others want it to remain. I tend to agree with banning this type of racing. Steeplechase Racing involves the horse jumping over hurdles of some kind. This can be quite dangerous and brutal for the horse and the jockey as many horses and jockeys have fallen over the hurdles and have become injured, with many of the horses having to be put down. Firstly, Victoria and South Australia are the only two states in Australia who still hold these races and I think they should be like the other states and ban steeplechase racing. There was an inquiry into animal welfare and the federal senate in their inquiry phased out this racing due to animal cruelty. Some people say however that there has…show more content…
Some tracks have even painted white, yellow or blue strips to assist the jockey with the height of the hurdles. Thirdly, the cost to the racing industry would have increased with alterations being made continually to hurdles, the safety regulations that have had to be advertised and the damage in the public’s eye to the racing industry. The amount of injuries and deaths has brought a negative view from many people to the racing industry. One of the latest safety issues was the horse jumping over the safety barrier in Warrnambool injuring seven people, as well as the horse. There is talk and pressure on Victoria to ban this racing. If this happens South Australia will worry because the impact of this will mean that jockeys and the horses will be unable to support this racing on their own. For me, the review, discussions and the protests by certain groups of people need to continue. Steeplechase Racing has had its day, and it is time to ban it for the safety of jockeys and horses

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