Horse Abuse and Pop Culture

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Horse Abuse and Pop Culture Is there ever any justification for abusing an animal? What gives people the right or even the want to abuse an animal? More than 19,000 cases of animal cruelty have been reported from 2001 to October 13th 2012. There are many forms of abuse, the most severe and tragic is slaughtering animals. Every year, approximately 100,000 American horses are slaughtered for human consumption. They are transported across the border to large slaughter facilities in Mexico and Canada and their meat is exported to Italy, Belgium, France and Japan. Horses are some of the most beautiful and magnificent creatures to grace the earth with their presence. The healing powers a horse can provide a human are remarkable. Why would anyone want to do damage to such amazing animals? Sadly horse abuse is a well-known problem in pop culture that is highly controversial among trainers and animal activists. There are also times when you don’t know/ suspect a certain “type” of person who is abusing the animal to be doing such a thing. However, for the sake of the horses and animal activists there are actually prevention measures being put into place to prevent such horrific tragedies not only by local governments but also by full state and nation governments. Animal abuse has always been talked about in pop culture. One from time to time might see on the news or in person a group of activists who were protesting against animal testing. Animal testing for the most part focuses on testing new products such as cosmetics and drugs. The damage the testing does to the animals is mostly permanent and for the most part fatal to the animals. Another form of abuse that is permanent is slaughter. When wanted, one can easily go online and just Google animal slaughter. Numerous articles, pictures, and videos will pop up as the result. Horse slaughter is among the most

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