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Imagine a dark and stormy night. While walking past an unsettlingly poorly lit alley, you swear you can see the shadows move. Amidst the howls of the wind, you begin to make out the faint sound of footsteps behind you as your adrenaline starts pumping. You realize there is no one in sight to hear you scream... As all of these elements begin creeping into your psyche and the fear of impending doom begins to rise within, you may start to wonder if you are in a horror film. Such settings and happenstance never fail to make me second guess my reality of living in a relatively safe area with no logical reason to be concerned for my safety and well-being. Nevertheless, my heart will inevitably skip a beat if I recognize any of these horror film trademarks in the real world because these instantly identifiable generic conventions inevitably lead to terror, according to the established traditions of the horror film. Despite the fact that the horror genre has gone through major changes in trends and styles throughout film history, it still remains to be one of the most clearly distinguishable genres in terms of tone and overall mise-enscene. From the perspective of a Film Genres major, horror films are an ideal focus for genre analysis because the genre has continually evolved since the creation of the film industry, been produced in countries all over the world, and spawned a variety of subgenres to cover a broad spectrum of potential audiences. Due to the graphic nature of horror film content, as well as the often controversial depictions of women, the genre also lends itself to be analyzed by a number of critical perspectives, including psychoanalytical and feminist film theories. The goal of my senior project is to study the horror genre from historical, cross-cultural, and gender-based perspectives to ultimately analyze the relationship between

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