Horror Story Essay

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“I dare you to walk into the Hall Of Fame stand there for 10 seconds and come back out,” Elizabeth dared Marissa. “I don’t know, it’s really dark in there,” Marissa replied. “yea Elizabeth it looks kinda dangerous,” I added. “Come on guys don’t be such chickens bawk bawk!, “Elizabeth hollered. Marissa and I stared at each other with horrified eyes. “I mean I guess we can go in for a little,” I said. As we walked to the front gate entrance ahwoooo we heard wolf’s howl. Kakoo kakoo we heard owls howl, and sqeek sqeek we heard rats sqeek with us to the front entrance. We walked to the window where you pay your ticket to enter but the window was closed. The three of us peaked at the window and saw a skeleton with spider webs all over it. It looked if a blanket of spiders fell on top of the skeleton. “AHHHH!” we all jumped back and screamed in horror. Marissa said, “ok, something’s not right here, I think we should go back home.” “Come on guys,” Elizabeth complained. “We haven’t even got to the front entrance yet!” “I know but the sign says ‘come at your own risk’ and that’s obviously not a good thing, “I said. “I just want to take a quick look at the pool and walk right out,” Elizabeth added. Anxiously, Elizabeth opened the gate excited to walk in oblivious of what was going to happen. Creek the door said as if it hasn’t been open is thousands of years! As we walked in we came face to face with three wolfs growling at us almost if they were guarding the front entrance. The three of us trembling of grisly horror almost if we saw a cockroach ran back to the gate to leave but the gate closed itself quickly and locked itself like if a ghost had done it. We were all to snare to speak. But from a far distance we heard a man say, “Oh looks like we have visitors run along boys.” The wolfs ran away and we watched as they disappeared in the distance. “Who said

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