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Horror movies have been around since the introduction of films. The first horror movie was made in 1896 and was called Le Manoir du Diable. It was directed by a pioneer of early cinema named Georges Melies. Since then, a countless number of horror movies have been made. Early horror movies were mostly about zombies and supernatural killers. For example, movies like Frankenstein and Dracula were very popular. But later horror movies, like Psycho, became more about bad things happening to real people. This made horror films even scarier because they were no longer about vampires and zombies; they were about real people that audiences could relate to. Psycho was the film that led the change in popular horror movies that followed. Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho is about a seemingly normal man named Norman Bates. He runs a family owned motel and lives with his mother in an old mansion. A lady named Marion Crane is led there looking for a place to stay. Norman is very nice to her and gives her food and a room in the motel. As the movie progresses we soon find out that Norman is not as normal as he wants people to believe he is. He is actually a psychologically disturbed killer who takes on the personality of his dead mother. The most famous scene is in the movie is when he kills Marion Crane in the shower of the motel bathroom. Horror movies in the 1970’s also followed the same trend of dreadful events happening to everyday people. 1973’s The Exorcist, follows a young twelve year old girl named Regan. Her mother starts to notice strange things happening to the girl. Soon it turns into Regan displaying horrible outbursts and even her appearance and voice dramatically alter. The mother gets in contact with a priest and he comes to the conclusion that Regan is possessed. The priest then must perform an exorcism on the girl. What makes the story truly scary is the idea that

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