Horror Movie Contrasting Essay

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Horror movies are now a very popular choice to watch today. Without any doubt it is fun to watch but why would people choose to watch a film that will frighten them over and over again? Is it because of the excitements they can get or are they just happy to feel the intense going on. Maybe people just like to get scared all the time but it just does not make any sense, but well humans are sometimes unreasonable. There are a two types of horror movies. One of it is the hack and slash horror movie or so called the gory type which consist of scenes of people shedding lots of blood, body parts flying around, or even organs dropping around the floor. The other one is the supernatural horror movie also known as the type which something or a ghost just pop out of nowhere and adding a loud sound effect that scares everyone off their seats. Both are called Horror movies but both have different ways to scare the audience, and gives different experience when watching them. There are two movies that I think is most suitable to fit in those two categories. One of it is called “SAW” and the other one is called “Ju-On” also known as “The Grudge”. Just by hearing the names of these movies will give people the creeps. The movie “SAW” is the over-gory type of horror movie where victims are caught by a mastermind called Jigsaw and placed in an eerie place with a lots of blood and sharp objects and chemical. In order to free themselves from the place, they must do as what Jigsaw instructs or else die in a torturing way, one of the famous scene is where a guy must saw off his legs to get out of the place he was trapped, and throughout the movie people are screaming in a tormented way. On the other hand, “Ju-On” is the supernatural type, where the spirit or ghost of a murdered wife and a boy just appears suddenly from any corner of the house they were killed in and kill people

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