Horror and Music

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Horror and Musik Music is one of the most important elements in Horror movies along with the acting and the pictures (scenes in the film). Music is as we know an important thing, and without music i think the world would be boring. The use of music in combination with vision is not only used in horror movies. Also on music scene the vision and what you see on stage is as impotent as the music. It could be the lighting on stage or the artist stage performance itself. And even small changes can modify everything. Sound and music impact on movies and pictures We tried to look at some movie clips from the movie “Silence of the Lambs”. And by using different kind of music we made different moods and we could even give the story a hole new sence. There is a scene in the film were the guvernors daughter is beeing abducktet by the killer. The killer is wayting fore her to come home and he is wathing her in a night vission binoculars. In the scene there is no use of music and that is scarry. but by using sounds/music with screaming sounds and wind blowing it the scene can be maked scaryer. but by uising funny music like clown/circus music the scene ends up beeing funny. types of music used in film is determend for the expression in the film. we know that music effekts our way we watch a film and that musik can make the movie look at it. Famous horror films and their music Stephen King According to Stephen King there are three types of horror: Terror: the audience doesn’t know what is going on behind ‘the closed door’ ilm Horror there is a monster, but still there are limits to what it does to its victims. (scared/terrified) The gross out: animals like worms and maggots are used to make people feel sick/ nauseous. Also elements like mutilations of the victims are used to make people feel terrified/
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