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Feeling tired and totally bored with the same kind of reading you are taking everyday? All you need are just some minor changes. Let’s turn to the supernatural genre of literature, Gothic. It is a popular style of writing in the nineteenth century, especially during the Victorian period. Talking about Gothic literature, people always mention its supernatural, bizarre and evil impression that come along. Its two outstanding characteristics which are violence and terror represent different themes in the late Victorian society: death through “The Signalman” (Charles Dickens), love through “The Nightingale and the Rose” (Oscar Wilde), masculinity or female oppression through “The Yellow Wallpaper” (Charlotte Perkins Gilman), all of which reflect the changes in the late Victorian society. In the late Victorian society during late nineteenth century, there were a lot of innovations. Firstly, the science revolution spread from religions to the whole nation. Secondly, there was the emergence of the national culture such as dialects, education, transportation, leisure and entertainment. In addition, the industrial revolution has made great changes in the society’s perception and the time for spiritual myth was over. In the political field, individualism gave way to collectivism. The feminism also arose strongly. Those changes result in the themes in the three short stories mentioned above. Firstly, I am going to talk about violence and terror from “The Signalman” of Charles Dickens. There are two characters: the signalman and the traveler from two different classes. At the beginning of the story, the weather, especially the sunset is linked with the word “angry”. The personification is used here to depict the weather as a human enemy as if it was trying to capture and torture humans, trying to shoot its powerful sunshine on those tiny little men in order to burn or destroy

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