Horrific Effects Of Paying College Athletes

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Donnie Petty September 29, 2009 Comp Rhet 1 Railey The Horrific Effects of not Paying College Athletes The question of whether or not today's college athletes should be paid for their services has become a very heated topic. Supporters against the athletes being paid state that the scholarship that the athlete receives is and should be enough payment for the player. On the other hand, those for the payment of athletes believe that all the millions and millions of dollars that athletes bring in to the university each year should be to some degree passed down to the players. There are many effects happen because of the fact that college athletes are not being paid. College athletes who believe they should be paid…show more content…
Not being able to get paid so much at that job because they are an athlete might not seem fair to them, but at the same time they knew what they were getting themselves into when they became a part of the college. But college athletes are providing a very big amount of revenue for the schools, and unless they begin to be paid, athletes will keep losing faith in their schools, and probably start to have a negative idea of authority. This could lead to them rebelling at some level, or even slandering administrators or NCAA officials that continue to deny them their due rewards. Some people may not realize that slander is actually a crime, and people who engage in slander are subject to jail time, among other punishment. To hear that talking bad about people who oppress them only anger the athletes more, as their stomachs grumble and moan with shouts of hunger. Once again, the athletes end up in jail; Bitter, heartbroken, and determined to get "The Man" back for the injustices that had been committed against them. It's so sad to see this happen, so let's just start paying them. I know I don't want people going to jail because I did nothing sitting on my
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