Hormones Affect The Mother Daughter Relationship

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INTRODUCTION There are two phases of development in a woman’s life during which physical changes have a significant impact on her emotional, as well as her psychological nature. Hormones, in particular, can affect teenage girls, age twelve to fifteen, and women in middle age, age forty-five to fifty-five. These developmental changes can impact them in many ways, including their relationships with others. In a family where a daughter is experiencing adolescence and a mother is experiencing menopause both at the same time, their relationship can be deeply affected by the impact of their hormonal changes. This thesis looks at how the hormonal milestones of adolescence and menopause can change and affect females, as well as the way a mother and daughter communicate, their emotions, their diets, and general problem solving skills. It will also explore strategies for mothers and daughters to manage and survive this life chapter. STATEMENT OF PURPOSE This essay is looking at the relationship between mother and daughter as they undergo significant hormonal changes during adolescence and menopause. REVIEW THE LITERATURE Hormones There will be many changes happening physically and mentally with a young adolescent and a maturing woman. A young girl might be undergoing major physical and sexual changes and not be adapting to them very well, she might be unsure how to deal with all the conflicting emotions and judgment that goes along with her new body. When all the physical changes are beginning to occur within the teen, she could find herself the target of growing attraction by the opposite sex. If she finds herself the target of unwanted attention, oogling by men, she could be frightened and unsure of how to deal with this newfound attention. And while it may seem like a contradiction, she may also find herself attracted to the attention as

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