Horatio's Eulogy For Hamlet

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Cynthia Clement Hamlet Eulogy Fellow Danes, we gather here today to mourn the death of our sweet prince. It is natural we send our dear Prince to the next world at the very stage his father, the great King Hamlet, was sent. Death comes too late for some, but it called for Prince Hamlet to early, and refused him the opportunity to show his talents to us. He, however, did meet death with bravery, honor, and compassion, traits we shall dearly miss in our Prince. There has never been a man as brilliant as he and no man who loved the theatre as much as he. As I recall, the days which actors visited Elsinore he became the good-humored and shrewd Prince whom we loved. His demeanor that day was not of a madman, but one who has a method to his madness. With his unparalleled mastery of words, our dear Prince confirmed the murderer on the throne. Only after this discovery did Hamlet fall beneath the weight of reality, but even through it all, he did not forget his loved ones.…show more content…
Though he objected to the matrimony of Claudius and Queen Gertrude, he made a legitimate effort to show the utmost respect and civility to his mother. His love is no more apparent that with his devotion to his father. King Hamlet. Even as the burden placed on his shoulder changed our Prince’s amicable countenance to one of inner turmoil, his mind never strayed away from his father. It’s a comfort to know that in his final moments he was our beloved Prince again when Hamlet forgave Laertes and asked for forgiveness for his own

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