Horatio Alger Analysis

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Racism Nowadays, many people are talking about racism whether it still exist in the society. Racism is a term that represents the race of discrimination, unequal treatment, or violence. In fact, a country cannot totally avoid these natural phenomenons, but it can be controlled by the public of the country. In Harlon L. Dalton’s essay “Horatio Alger” in rereading America by Gary Colombo, Robert Cullen, and Bonnie Lisle and Barack Obama’s essay “Origins” in Dreams from my father prove that racism is a part of my life when I was living in a foreign country. These two essays from Harlon L. Dalton and Barack Obama both are about the racism between people. In “Horatio Alger”, it talks about Alger’s ideas of what it takes for the American Dream to become reality. It contains…show more content…
It contains three profound messages, “hard work, persistence, initiative, and daring invariable to transcend station in life.” which people called them, Alger’s myth. “Horatio Alger” is an essay written by Harlon Dalton to express why he disagrees with Horatio Alger. He states that Alger’s formula for success is optimistic and blind to the world. The ideas that individuals are solely judged on their worth is true only to white people. All other races are looked at differently depending on the color of their skin. When black people are only compared against other black people it says that they cannot be held to the same standard as white people. “Horatio Alger” is an essay talking about why the author disagrees with Horatio Alger’s ideas, “hard work, persistence, initiative, and daring.” The author does not mention any solutions to help black people. “Origins” is just a section of reading talking about how the discrimination would be when Obama’s mother played with the people who were in different color. The author does not mention any action that his mother did to deal with the
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