Horace Ridler's Personal Identity

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Did you know any of the first few full-bodied tattooed persons? There are brave people who had their full body tattoo transformation. Usually, those who chose to transform their body were driven by popularity, previewed success and money. The Great Omi, a typical British citizen who originally named Horace Ridler was one of the known full-bodied tattooed individuals. Ridler chose to be in show business and he intent to become a sideshow attraction, hence in 1922 he had totally transformed his body. Wide black even animal-like stripes were tattooed all over the body of Ridler. His tattoos were his passport to success in the field of show business. Leopard spots were entirely tattooed to Tom Leppard, which enabled him to be considered as the…show more content…
Other known performer for sideshow was The Enigma whose tattoos made him appear like a living blue puzzle. The Enigmas other pride was his large ear, lip and body piercings and implanted horn on the forehead. Twenty two tattoo artists had simultaneously worked on his body, which was a real world record at the Amsterdam Tattoo Convention. Just think of the endurance which was mustered by The Enigma. Did you know where the cultures of body tattooing and body piercing have been commonly observed? The introduction of pigment through punctures in the skin to create patterns or the process of body tattooing was practiced in Ancient Egypt. It has been noted that the natives who had the most elaborate tattoos and body pierces begot greater respect. Moreover, some of the highly intricate body tattoos have been found from among the cultures of Oceania specifically the Maori of New Zealand. Japan in its contemporary time has its Yacuza, organized gangsters that have also been flaunting full body tattoos. The sailors during the ancient time had manifested an early interest in the body tattoos of the Pacific and

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