Hopper and His Nighthawks Essay

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American Modernism: Edward Hopper and his Nighthawks Art is the common language of the world because any person can look at an artist’s artwork and be drawn to it and even attempt to decipher its meaning and what the artist wanted to show in that particular piece, it can be a topic of discussion and it really is a way for people to understand and learn about the history of the past. One of the most popular art movements of recent history, which we know a lot about , and which had a very large impact on today’s world is the Modernist art movement that took place between the 19th and 20th centuries. At the time, people around the world were undergoing many changes including urbanization, two world wars, and a draw away from the strict traditions of previous centuries. Art at this time period was evolving into a more “modern” art and it serves as a prime example of how society as a whole was changing as the styles and themes of the Modernist art movement show us today what the world at that time might have been like. In the United States, the American Modernist art movement was taking shape and one very important artist of this time was the American Edward Hopper. Edward Hopper’s impact on American Modernist art of the 20th century was so profound and can be best understood by careful examination of his most famous painting, Nighthawks, as it exemplifies Hopper’s ability of depicting the human side of modern life in the city and representing emotional states through physical settings. The art movement known today as Modernism first began in Europe in the late 19th century and it is believed to have been brought on by the changes that were taking place in the world and society as whole due to the Industrial Revolution and urbanization. Generally, the time period between the late 19th to the early 20th century is what historians consider as the Modernist period,

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