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Claude Hopkins was one of the great advertising pioneers. He started with Carpet Sweeper Company as assistant bookkeeper. But he finished his career as a president at advertising company. And he wrote a book titled “Scientific advertising” including his all experiences. In the book, Hopkins outlines an advertising approach based on testing and measuring. So, if I could ask him what makes a good advertising, he absolutely would say “a good advertising is based on testing and measuring.” This is because advertising must include appeal points, that is the answer of consumer’s needs, and these can be obtained by only testing and measuring. I extracted ten points from his book, these are all related to appeal points. He said that people read an ad, but just once. So, advertising must offer super service, and it has to attract customer’s attention for the first time. To get consumer’s attention, he thought the advertising man must study the consumer and what they want to know. Based on consumer’s research, he made consumer based ads. He never said “buy my brand.” He just offered some advantages. This is reason-why copy. In this format, advertisers explain a fact about products or services, and then explain the reason why a customer should buy them. This idea is related to transmission view of communication. Although he recognized consumer’s importance, he though that consumers cannot judge value. In my view, Hopkins’s advertising is appropriate for high involvement product. He tried to offer information. But all customers do not consider the information always. Images or other things may be more important. But if they buy high involvement products such as house or car, they have to analyze the products in detail. In such situation, advertising can be a good channel to get information. Reason-why copy is also better in print than in broadcast, because the readers

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