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Career Investigation- Travel and Tourism Management Description: Tourism and hospitality are so closely related, it makes sense to deal with them together. But they are distinct and your interest will influence which course of study to choose. The industry accommodates approximately 380 000 employees and 42 000 employers. It is organised into five sectors namely travel and tourism; conservation and tourist guiding; gaming and lotteries; sport, recreation and fitness, and hospitality. Travel and tourism includes transportation, resort management, travel agencies and government and NGO work. Hospitality focuses on events and accommodation in hotels and restaurants, guest houses, and also the management of food and beverage outlets such as restaurants on the one hand and mass catering companies on the other. Over 70% of employees work in the hospitality industry. The tourism manager works with tourists of different cultures and traditions from all over the world. Skills Good organisational skills would be needed for this career. You would need to be hard working for this career as it involves a lot of work. You would also need a good personality to be able to deal with customers appropriate. Qualities: You would need to be focused for this career. You would need to be a determined person. You would also need to be patient. Qualifications and Training required: To become a qualified tourism manager, the following pathways are available. Pathway 1: College: Institute of Technology Tralee. Entry Requirements: Applicants must achieve a pass in the Leaving Certificate obtaining two HC3s and four OD3s. Candidates are required to obtain a minimum of OD3 in English or Gaeilge and Mathematics. Please note that a minimum grade of B2 in foundation level Mathematics fulfils the minimum entry requirements in Mathematics for

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