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Honors College Application Essay I want more in life than to be wealthy. I want to make a lasting difference in the world. I want the world to be a better place when I die than the one I was born into. I want to play an important part in progressing humanity and forming a more prosperous society. I have a passion for math and science. They are the subjects that I have always excelled in during my academic career. I plan to utilize my proficiency in those subjects by getting a degree in computer engineering. I have always loved computers, I think it is fascinating how the millions of microscopic components come together to form a functioning whole. Computer systems play such an important role in the economy, government, as well as the progression of science. I know a big part…show more content…
The IB program has made me realizes how important it is to push yourself and become a well-educated and well-rounded individual. I feel my cumulative GPA does not accurately represent my potential and desire for academic success. For a great deal of my education I did not take academic success seriously. While I have always been enrolled in accelerated classes such as ALPS (SALTA as it is now know) in primary school and Honors and AP in the beginning of High school, I had the mindset that grades and were not important and all that mattered was passing because I was smart. I believed that getting straight C’s was no different than straight A’s. It was not until the IB program did I mature and realize that it doesn’t matter how smart you are, it matters how you apply that intelligence and display excellence. This first quarter of senior year I achieved a 3.857 GPA with a Higher Level IB curriculum. The challenge and extra thought required for IB is what I enjoy about it the most. I look forward to the challenge and opportunity that Honors College will

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