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Dear Honorable (judge's name) It is with much sorrow that I have to write this letter pleading mercy from this Honorable Court for my son, Modesto Diep. I know that my son has done much wrong and he nor his family deny that. However, we also recognize that his behavior is due to the nature of his underpriveleged upbringing. This breaks my heart every day. I am sure when Modesto has his wits about him he is cognizant of the pain he has cause me and his family. My son is a good person. He has been a good provider for me and his siblings, while not the best role model, a decent brother. His siblings love him and would love to have him in their lives. It is with daily prayer that we work toward getting him counseling and keeping Modesto on the right track away from criminal activity. Modesto was raised in a Christian home where he attended church every Friday and Saturday. He always took the initiative to help around the house and look after me. With me being 64 suffering from chronic asthma and being hospitalized for my gallbladder and severe liver damage it is very hard for me to get around I fully understand that Modesto should be punished for his crimes. I do plead with this Honorable Court that you take into account that he is my primary carer. Not that his actions should be excused; but in the sense that he needs treatment. I understand he has victimized folks with his behavior and I hope one day they will see their way to forgiveness. Your Honor, a long Sentencing as punishment should mesh with rehabilitation. He is a non-violent offender, which I sincerely hope the court will consider when imposing sentence. It is with a Mother's heartfelt sincerity and love for my son that I implore this Honorable Court to consider the lesser sentence. Thank you for your time and

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