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In life, it is important to set goals. Many people set their goals high to challenge themselves, while others set them low so they can at least say they accomplished something. Having goals can keep you on the right track to accomplishing them, and set your mind on something. If you didn't set your goals, your life will have no challenge. Every time you set a goal, you’re not just going to blow it off; you’re going to work hard to accomplish that goal. First, my goals for by the end of freshmen year are being on the honor roll, to go to Future Business Leaders of America State competition, and have a solo in show choir. I will accomplish my goal of being on the honor roll if I study for upcoming tests and quizzes, and also turn in homework…show more content…
My goals are being at Mid-State Technical College, working at a bank, and playing my violin in collage. To get to Mid-State I have to have good grades like A’s and B’s. I have to apply and wait for a reply that says I am in or not in, if I am in, I will study hard and not fail in order to stay in the university. To accomplish my goal of working at a bank, I have to fill out an application with all the information I need to fill. I have to have very good grades. Then I have to wait for someone to contact me and tell me if I have a job or not. If I get in, I will train and do my best so I don’t get fired. To succeed in playing violin in collage, I have to be accepted in a collage that have violin courses, and I have to sign up and keep my grade up in the class so I don’t fail and get kicked out. So it’s a good idea to have a good grade in orchestra now and through high school. In conclusion, my goals are for the end of freshmen year is being on the honor roll, going to FBLA State, and having a solo in show choir. My goals for the end of graduation day are having my license, getting my diploma, and having five hundred volunteer hours or more. My goals for ten years from now are to be at Mid-State, work at a bank, and to play the violin in collage. I really like my goals and hope to accomplish them, and I hope everyone has goals and wants to accomplish them

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