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From CultureGrams and Vayama: • Overview of Hong Kong (S.A.R.): o Population of 7,182,724 with a growth rate of .39% (40% of land is designated “country parks” so it’s crowded) o 94% of the residents are ethnic Chinese (mostly Cantonese) o 90% of the residents are from a Buddhist / Taoist background which gives them a strict sense of a persons place in society and their obligation to fit in that role (obedience and conservatism). Deference of father to son and employee to boss. o 18% of the population lives on Hong Kong Island, 30% on Kowloon, and 52% in the New Territories. Around 500,000 (and decreasing) expats. o Hong Kong’s official languages are Chinese (mostly Cantonese) and English. English is the language of business and street signs are in both languages. However English and Cantonese languages exist as separate cultures and in general people in Hong Kong are thought to speak English poorly. o The Chinese are very conscious of their social position in relation to the people with whom they interact. An individual’s actions reflect on the entire family. Saving face is very important. Causing someone to lose face is improper. • Conduct o In surveys Hong Kong office workers rate harmony above all else, then hard work, efficiency, attention to detail, then honesty. They will forgo honesty quickly in order to maintain harmony. (Disagreements and arguments are taboo). When presenting a point, offer options so that your counterpart and chose a path without arguing or lying or losing face by admitting they are wrong. o In a desire for harmony your business counterpart may take extreme offense to something you have done, but not let it show. o There is an ingrained desire in Hong Kong to avoid an obligation to someone; therefore promises are taken very lightly. o However some acceptable behavior may seem rude to westerners. The may talk

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