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The higher education sector is generally publicly-funded in Hong Kong nowadays. In order to provide an entire tertiary educational provision, opening more private universities and community college is one of the advisable measures to ease the excess demand for post-secondary services to our next generation. However, a coin has two sides, expanding self-financed private sector is not the least problematic solution. There are several problems influencing the teaching quality in Hong Kong. Higher education is today recognized as a capital investment in education. (World Bank, 1990). Contrast to the public universities, the majority of the self-financed private university and community college aims at maximizing its profit instead of providing a high quality teaching development. More importantly, there is currently a lack of financial support and no advisory committee from government sector to the private sector. Therefore, descending quality of teaching may be brought out to Hong Kong higher education, if expanding the private sector without any government supports and regulations. Basically, the quality of teachers, curricula and the infrastructure provided to students are the factors contributing the quality of higher education. They are all about the coordination of the teaching system in a college. Without any monetary support and advisory committee, the private universities are difficult to develop the well-professional teaching team, well-organized curricula and well-established infrastructure as the same as public universities and these become weaknesses to them. The obvious evidences have been shown on the case of Lingam Community College. The existing students blamed the college for their less developed physical infrastructure and low English standards professors. The college only considered the number of students they received instead of providing a

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