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Objective: Most of the Chinese recognize cheongsam solely as a heritage of history and Mandarin gowns. After we had a glance at different information on this topic, eventually, we found the mainland Chinese, Hongkongers and Taiwanese see cheongsam with certain degree of difference. Basically, since the three Chinese societies have undergone different historical transition,the origin and nature of prevalence of cheongsam, these are probably the fundamental cause of various views on cheongsam. It is intriguing to look into something that we have never linked to so far and so in-depth. We object to figure out the historical and political reasons behind the different viewpoints in order to development of cheongsam. Why are you doing this topic? We all are interested in cheongsam. They are characterized by a meticulous cut and well-defined lines that highlight the curves of the female silhouette,so they are garments which show the beauty of woman. However, we found that Cheongsam has different symbolic meanings in both China and Taiwan. Therefore, through investigating Cheongsam, we would like to compare the viewpoints between China,Hong Kong and Taiwan towards historical events. What is the importance of your research? The research is important in three ways. First, both our group mates and readers can know more about the development of cheongsam in three Chinese societies at once. Second, this research will have given us a brand-new insight of how people recignize cheongsam, that is we have never thought about. Third, it is of course we can understand more about the relation of the three Chinese

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