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Economic Analysis International Marketing Submitted by: Avtar Singh, Praveen Reddy MBA-10, PGPRM-7 080701407, Submitted to: Mr. David Thomson The product we had chosen is Reva. It is a small care made to go into the traffic. It is very useful where there are traffic problems. It is electric vehicle so no need of petrol. The product comes after seven years of R & D. the company RECC (REVA Electric Car Company Private Ltd.) is the joint venture between Maini Group India and AEV LCC, California USA and is established in 1994; in June 2001 it is commercialized. (About Us) The country we are going to launch Reva is Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a growing economy with a GDP growth of 5% in 2007 but due to slow down in the world economy the GDP growth rate comes down to 2.8% in 2008. It is a free market economy business is encouraged by the government. The population is around seven million with 74.6% of people belongs to the age group of 15-64 years. (Hong Kong, 2009) The people of Hong Kong are more concern about the environmental issues. They are always looking a product which is environment friendly. So we decided to launch Reva there. They are also more concern about the decreasing petroleum recourses and Reva will be best suited here because it an electronic vehicle which don’t use petrol. Population: Hong Kong is one of the densely populated countries with 6300 people per square kilometer. The age structure is as follows. This is up to 2008 (Population) The birth rate is 7.37 birth/1000 populations. The growth rate is around 0.532% in 2008. Number of life births means how many births takes place in a year it is around 78822 and around 31341 deaths in 2008. The major part of population stay in urban areas and very less people stay in rural Hong Kong about 79% people stay in the cities and

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