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English and Chinese are Hong Kong's two official languages. Punctuality is expected and respected; be on time for all appointments. Allow "courtesy time" (30 minutes) if someone is late for an appointment with you. The handshake is commonly used when greeting westerners. .The Hong Kong Chinese handshake is rather light. Hong Kong Chinese may stand close when talking, however, they are reserved and uncomfortable with body contact. Do not hug, kiss or pat people on the back. Tea is served at meetings. Do not drink until your host takes the first sip. A host leaving tea untouched signals the end of the meeting. Lawyers are not included in negotiations until contracts are drawn up and signed. Negotiations may be slow and detailed, but very efficient. Send senior people with technical and commercial expertise prepared to function as a team and make decisions on the spot. Business deals may be sealed with a handshake alone. Be prepared to compromise. Take time to build relationships. It may take several meetings to accomplish goals. Do business face to face. Courtesy calls and personal selling are vital to success. "Yes" may not mean agreement; it often means "I hear you." "No" is generally not said. Instead, you may hear "I will have to wait," or "This may be very difficult." A gift may be refused one or two times before it is accepted. .If you are invited to someone's home, bring good quality sweets, fruit, flowers, or imported spirits to the hostess. Appointments are necessary and should be made between 1 and 2 months in advance if you are travelling to Hong Kong. Business cards are exchanged after the initial introductions. .Have one side of your business card translated into Chinese, with the Chinese characters printed in gold, since it is an auspicious color. .Business cards are exchanged using both hands. Subways and

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