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Ni Hao Hong Kong! In December of 2009, I took a long trip with my grandparents to Hong Kong, China! We went to visit my cousins, aunt, and uncle who were living there for my aunt’s work! What an exciting experience I had that some people will never ever get to have in a lifetime! It was an interesting experience to see another culture and see how they live compared here in the United States! The travel time to Hong Kong was 21 long, dreadful hours! I was also able to ride on a double decker plane to our first stop! It was very interesting to me because I had the chance to cross over the international dateline! It was so appealing to see the line that crossed down the middle of the day from the night! They also had a wide variety of Chinese food to feed us all! It was different to see all the foods they ate, and how they ate them! I later plugged in my headphones and listened different ways to speak in Chinese to keep me busy! Another thing that kept me awake and jumping in my seat was on the TV there was a map showing how close we were to arriving! I was so overjoyed! After long hours of waiting and walking up and down the isles, we made it to the Tokyo airport! This was our first stop. Many flights got delayed there in Tokyo, so I also had a great lifetime experience of staying in Tokyo for the night! After a long night of rest, the next day it was time to head off from our airport! Soon after another flight of sitting, walking and waiting, I arrived at Hong Kong airport! I was so pleased to get of the plane and enjoy my stay! Finally, we arrived in Hong Kong after our 21 hour flight! I couldn’t believe we finally made it! When we finally arrived we unpacked. My cousins told us that they had a surprise for us! We got ready and they took us to a taxi, which is the most common use of transportation in Hong Kong! We were halfway to our destination

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