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THE CHINESE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG Guidelines for Completing the Student Exchange Report Objective Thanks to the unwavering support of the many generous benefactors of the University, more than half of the outgoing exchange students receive scholarships or financial support to go abroad on exchange for one term or a year. In order to express gratitude to the donors, each scholar is invited to complete the enclosed exchange report by writing a personal thank you message and sharing a few pictures with the donor depicting the exchange experience. The University reserves the right to claim repayment of the awarded scholarships/financial support should the scholar fail to submit the said report in two weeks after returning to Hong Kong. Report Guidelines 1. Language: complete the thank you message to donor in English only. Be free of grammatical and typo errors. 2. Format: report in MS Word format ONLY. PDF file is not acceptable. Default the font style to Times New Roman, font size to 12 and line spacing to 1.5 lines. 3. Name of Scholarship and Recipient: put down your English name and the scholarship name at the top of the report. Your English name should be in the form of “Chan Siu-ming, Peter”/“Chan Siu-ming”/“Chan Siuming”(for mainland student). 4. Thank You Message to Donor: share your experience of exchange, including academic experience (names of elected course/research/achievement, major activities (extra-curricular activities/traveling/internship), and express your gratitude to the donor in no less than 250 words. 5. Pictures and Captions: select three memorable pictures which highlight your school life on campus of host university, experience in internship/extracurricular/peregrination during your stay. Assure your face was clearly shown on the pictures, and you have to identify your good self in the report. Pictures should be in focus and with resolution not

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