Honeywell International And Social Media

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Honeywell international and social media The firm operates in diversified technology and manufacturing processes In this regard, it serves the global community with aviation products and services as well as building technologies and motor vehicle products. The presence of the firm is widespread across the globe. This necessitates development of a forum greater than contemporary mailing that is more interactive and value-added to allow sharing of knowledge and increased efficiency in achieving corporate values of ensuring customer satisfaction. The use of social media by companies that desire excelling is emerging in the contemporary world of business. Honeywell has significantly employed this tool in its adventure of becoming the leading firm in the engineering services provision. Ideally, the firm has developed a corporate I.T team that enhances collaboration and knowledge sharing among its over one hundred and twenty thousand global work force (Meetup, 1). The use of Facebook and twitter has significantly improved efficiency, enhanced productivity and improved sharing of knowledge (Meetup, 1). All these are significant facets of Honeywell’s corporate strategy. Ideally, social networks have become Honeywell’s corporate intranet enhancing improvement of flow of work as well as provision of a framework for alliance of ideas. It is necessary to note that Honeywell social networking is not limited to the two popular sites of Facebook and twitter. The firm has discovered the power of net. In this case, it has launched some more customized versions like SharePoint which is a discussion forum. Moreover, yammer which equivalent to twitter allows employees to informally collaborate in certain ideas. Rich Hoeg has been instrumental in guiding Honeywell in its adventure to significantly revolution the use of social media towards enhancement of achievement of
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