Honey Bee Population in Bloomington in Essay

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Honeybees are a key factor in the livelihood of nature as whole, whether it is fruits, vegetables, or flowers, those who consume them will be forced to alter their diet or could potentially become extinct. Ellie has a great project going on At Indiana University’s Bloomington campus where she cultivates a colony of honeybees for this exact purpose. Campaigns, and student, as well as alumni involvement are crucial to making this a long-term success. From these suggestions Ellie will succeed, and when she does Bloomington and the honeybee population with thrive. Ellie should begin her campaign for the bees on the most populated community in the world – the social media community. But first she must create a strong and well-filmed movie to elaborate and spread awareness to the masses. We want people to not only watch the ‘advertisement,’ but also produce a reaction strong enough to compel each individual to help support the cause. One of the most effective ways to generate this response is to shape the ad around the shock value of the potential absence of honeybees in our environment. Although Ellie can add her own touch, it is crucial that the film begin with a powerful statement such as “Imagine Life without Fruit”… or whichever basic food group or product that people need for survival would produce the most effect in Bloomington. While emphasizing the economic factor that as the honeybee population goes down, the price of food goes up. As long as Ellie incorporates the key points in her twenty page manual into the shock factor, her short film will be a success. From there Ellie will explain the effects on our lives if the honeybee population were to go extinct, such as she did in the in-class presentation. After the audience sufficiently grasps the concept, Ellie will come in with solutions and show off the Hilltop Garden, where the bees reside. The

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