Honesty Equals Life (the Crucible

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Honesty is the ability to seek and uphold the truth. Dishonesty is the opposite. Dishonesty destroys trust and people seek to cover up the truth. In The Crucible by Arthur Miller, dishonesty plays a large role in the story. Abigail is a key example of someone who is dishonest. When Reverend Parris interrogate her she lies and tells him that the girls were just dancing in the woods. Their “spirit conjuring” is later revealed in the story. Because of Abigail’s dishonesty a web of lies has been weaved, entangling those that are both innocent and guilty. Act 1 reveals Abigail’s dissembling nature when she lies to Reverend Parris about what happened in the woods. ABIGAIL. It were sport, uncle! PARRIS. You call this sport? Abigail if you know something that may help the doctor, for God’s sake tell it to me. I saw Tituba waving her arms over the fire when I came on you. Why was she doing that? And I heard a screeching and gibberish coming from her mouth. She were swaying like a dumb beast over that fire! ABIGAIL. She always sings her Barbados songs and we dance. (Miller, pg 1131) Later we see Abigail turning against Tituba to save herself. This pattern occurs constantly throughout the play. Whenever the reality begins to peek through deception, she buries it by accusing someone else of witchcraft. This is the first step in this confused teenagers journey through mendacity. Abigail’s stance in court is complicit in leading Mary Warren away from the search for the truth. The product of her fallacies blinds the officials of their ability to perceive tomfoolery as seen in these passages: ABIGAIL. Mary, please don’t hurt me! MARY WARREN. I’m not hurting her! DANFORTH. Why does she see this vision? MARY WARREN. She sees nothin’! (PG. 1209 Miller) ……………………………………………………………………………………. PROCTOR. They’re gulling you, Mister! DANFORTH. Why did

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