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Academic Honesty Kristle Martinez 07/31/2012 University of Phoenix Abstract A brief description of what academic honesty will be described as to my experience while attending University of Phoenix. Integrity plays a big role in academic honesty. This is something I abused during my last assignments while attending the university. Needless to say I kidnapped the work of another and tried to take credit for something I did not experience or evaluated with my own thoughts or ideas. Academic Honesty Integrity is the key to academic honesty. Honesty and responsibility is the role that I have come to acknowledge while writing my papers for whatever course. Being able to use my memory has given more so of courage to withhold my own work, not by taking from another’s thought. It also starts with morals, “Howell counters the view that academic dishonesty is merely a supposed moral failing, a loss of moral fiber in society, or an outcome of credentials, consumerism, or corporate higher education” (Rud 2009, pp. 101-103). During a discussion group that was conducted through explanatory factors from student’s perspective, plagiarism to certain student characteristics can be summed up as:1) bad personal time management; 2) lack of motivation and/or no motivation; and 3) lack of training, skills and knowledge to carry out academic assignments (Comas-Forgas, 2010). After reviewing this source, I realized that motivation is a big issue when it comes to assignments. “The fault lies not in our students, but in ourselves” (Zubin 2005). After reading this resource, it dawned on me that academic dishonesty plays a big role in our higher professionals. As a student I look up to the instructor as a role model, professional, with morals to guide me in my future education. If instructors portray professionalism, morals, honesty, good characteristic, and etc., than

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