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Honesty: A True Friend’s Perspective Trust is very important in a friendship. My friends can be sure that I will always be honest with them even if it means that I have to tell them something they might not necessarily want to hear. While it is essential that I be honest with my friends, I must also keep in mind that their feelings are very important. It is critical to ensure that feelings are not hurt or affected negatively by what I say. This requires vigilance in maintaining positive communication. Brutal honesty is necessary in certain situations to ensure a positive outcome for the person. There are instances however, when total honesty would have an immediate negative impact on the person’s feelings. Attention diversion and incomplete disclosure can be effective tools in efforts to ensure that feelings are taken into consideration. Brutal honesty should be used when a friend is unable to see the truth in something because he or she is too close to a situation. One of my friend’s boyfriends continually lied to her, said he was going to change, talked about her behind her back, and spread awful rumors about her. My friend continually came to me for advice. I chose to be completely honest with her in an effort to help her understand the bigger picture. I recounted all of the detrimental things he continued to do. I stressed that even though he always promised to change, he never followed through. Perpetuation of this pattern in the relationship could potentially hurt her the longer it was allowed to continue. A true friend in this situation would be brutally honest because, although it might hurt the person to hear it initially, it could do more harm in the future if ignored. Sometimes, diverting someone’s attention is necessary to ensure that feelings are not hurt. If one of my friends asked me if they looked fat in what they were wearing

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