Honda Manufacturing Case Analysis

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Honda Manufacturing of Alabama I. Introduction of Company A. Company Statistics 1. Overview of the company 2. Mission/Vision Statement 3. External & Internal Assessment B. S.W.O.T Analysis 1. Company Strengths 2. Company Weaknesses & Threats 3. Company Opportunities C. Goals Based On SWOT Analysis D. Long Term Objectives E. Generic and Grand Strategy Analysis F. Goal & Strategy Implementation G. Critical Success Factors H. Controls and Evaluations Introduction Honda Manufacturing of Alabama is a car manufacturing company located in Lincoln, Alabama. Honda began production in November 2001 in the Lincoln area but have other manufacturing plants all over the world. They currently employ about 4,500 people where they are the sole manufacturer of the Odyssey minivan and the Pilot SUV. They also produce the very popular V6 engine and precision machine crankshafts. In early 2009, they will add to the production schedule the Ridgeline light pickup truck which will make this particular plant the largest light weight production source for Honda. Honda Corporation was founded by Soichiro Honda and Shichiro Kato in 1936 and was originally called Tokai Seiki Heavy Industry. They started out making piston rings back then and his love for manufacturing, selling and buying cars has grown to building engines, cars, light trucks, minivans, airplanes, robots and many other quality products. Mission & Vision Statement Honda’s vision/mission statement is based on the Honda Philosophy. Honda’s philosophy is made up of the basic principle, the company principle, and the management policies. The basic principle involves showing respect for the individual employees and Mr. Honda’s three joys (buying, selling and creating). The company principle is “Maintaining a global viewpoint, we are dedicated to supplying products of

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