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Honda Motor Company 1994 Abstract In 1948, Mr. Soichiro Honda founded Honda Motor Company. He was a young entrepreneur with a “grandiose dream,” in becoming successful doing something that he loved with motors and engines (Mintzberg et. al., 2003, p. 156). Mr. Honda started his career at the age of 16 at as an auto repair mechanic at the Arto Shokai in Tokyo. Soon after starting his career he “patented cast-metal spokes to replace his wooden ones” on his car (Mintzberg et al., 2003, p. 200). Following this invention he came up with the idea to place a motor onto a bicycle for an alternative transportation. This alternative transportation will helped him maneuver around crowded cities to avoid the overcrowded trains and buses due to the gasoline shortages. So, in 1949, he took his innovation of “war-surplus gasoline powered motors,” and placed them onto bicycles to sell as an alternative transportation (Mintzberg et al., 2003, p. 201). This innovation was the beginning of Mr. Honda’s success in motorcycles and other products. As Mr. Honda’s Motor Company grew, he went through some growing pains as in changing managing contexts and being forced to adopt a strategy for America Honda Motor Company. The strategy that America Honda Motor Company was forced to adopted was meet “the nicest people.” (Mintzberg et al., 2003, p. 159). Although, he was forced to adopt a strategy it was the one of the reasons why American Honda Motor Company became successful. Therefore, I recommend that the Honda Motor Company would continue their strategy as being one of “the nicest people,” by creating a strategy to follow-up with their customers’ satisfaction and get some feedback on their products and services. Honda’s Success In 1948, Mr. Soichiro Honda founded

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