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Honda is a company build upon a dream and innovation. Honda was first opened in 1959. Their first United States automobile plant was opened in 1979 and now employs more than 25,000 workers. Honda automobile, motorcycle, and power equipment dealerships employ more than 100,000 in the United States. Honda is a company that is proud to employ so many workers. Workers at a automobile plant stated that Honda does not have a good system for handing out promotions (Kisiel, 2007). These statements had bought up concerns about Honda’s career development program and the workers feel that they need a union to represent them. In response to their employees, Honda’s HR has written a letter to remind employees of the bebnefits that they without a union in place. Honda stated that they had not had to layoff anyone in the last thirty years (Kisiel, 2007).Honda think this is because their US plnts are not unionized. This fact is a good case for job security for Honda’s employees. Honda’s response does not interfer with the employees’ right it merely states Honda’s position on the issue. It gives the employees a chance to make a decision about their concerns regarding career development, compensation, and whether to create a union. Riordan Manufacturing and Honda have had a problem with their career development program. The problems with Riordan become evident from numerous employee surveys. If the problem is not solved soon, employees will leave their jobs because of being dissatisfactifed. This can also cause the employees to want to form a union. Riordan failed to revise its employee rewards system when they chose to adopt a new customer-relationship management (CRM) system. Only the sales person of each newly formed sales team is currently receiving rewards. Product engineers and customer service representatives are not yet rewarded for their contribution. This obvious

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