Homosexuality - the Big Issue Essay

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Homosexuality - The big issue Recently I had a talk with my father....asked him (a very bold act according to him) that what is homosexuality? Why the "Taboo" against it? My father said a few chosen words... "The purpose of 2 individuals to come together at this level (sexually) is to produce an offspring, create a family with a mother and a father..since homosexuality cannot give us this result hence it is unnatural and one should not be encouraged towards it." But I thought that if producing an offspring is the issue then one can adopt, go for surrogacy etc...., but yes about the role of a Mother and a Father.. I too have doubts... its not about that now a days anybody can handle and execute any task as equally...but the fact that a mother's love and a father's love can never be the same. I agree that there are single parents, yes, and one can say that it is same as the people who are homosexuals and adopt/surrogate children. The lines of these topics here do not blur...but inter-wine, branch out and connect to each other. The question remains that when the people involved in a homosexual relationship do not have problems, as long as they do not create for others (you know the hate acts and all), are willing to exist as they are then we must not have any problems. We must treat them as normal human beings. Then there is one greatest issue of all...religion....people say that it is not in our religion...to be sure of this we have to fathom in all our respective religions ourselves..this will not only help us become close to our respective religions but also give us confidence about ourselves...I, myself, am looking for answers in my own religion (I am a Hindu)....to be sure of it...if our religions do prohibit homosexuality and one cannot help but move towards it then one should not hurt his/her religion's community feelings and should adjust. Now I

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