Homosexuality In Prison Analysis

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Psychologist Arnez Hundley stated that the great ability that separates humans from the evolutionary background from lower level species is our ability to adapt socially and physically with our surroundings (Hundley 22). After reading this I began thinking about how humans adapt to their surroundings while being incarcerated. And when you begin to actually think about it a humans ability to adapt is his/her greatest technique as a means of survival. Take for instance an individual who has been incarcerated due to situational circumstances like defending the life of another or suffering from a brief psychotic break and has a temporary lapse in judgement and is now sent to prison for an extended period of time. Without the ability to adapt this person could not survive physically or socially in prison because they would not possess to prison house etiquette to differentiate between right or wrong prison behavior under the context in which they…show more content…
Homosexuality in prison serves as an outlet as not only to preserve ones sanity but as a way of survival (Rust 253). Criminologist Paula Rust states in her book homosexuality arises in situations of sexual deprivation from the opposite sex. Amongst the inmates their homosexual acts do not make them homosexuals only because they view their actions as situational. Others try to use this sense of sexual deprivation to their advantage and use homosexuality as a way of survival in prison. For example, the femme female (a seeming homosexual female that looks and acts like the stereotypical woman) will seek a masculine female or stud that will find them attractive in a prison setting and use them as a form of protection. These type of Homosexual relationships are found to be more prevalent in female prisons due to the fact that weak men in male prisons are taken advantage of and leaves themselves open to a tougher a time in

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