Homosexuality In Middlesex

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In the Middlesex documentary, Noah was very confident in what he believed and very outgoing. He seemed like a normal kid trying to live a normal life but in a different perspective. When the cameras were directed towards him and he was asked questions such as,” Are the children unkind to you?” Noah’s response signaled that children are aware of his feminine tendencies which looked like it made him uncomfortable, but at home Noah seemed comfortable to be himself around his family. From observing the video of Noah and his parents, it doesn’t seem that Noah obtained his feminine tendencies from something in his environment such as abuse and neglect. His family is very supportive of his choices and who he is. His dad mentioned that Noah has been…show more content…
For example, a male wanting to dress and act like a female but at the same time having a sexual relationship with a male. It is true that individuals do become homosexual or anything along those lines due to hate, anger, and violence but also because of natural causes like something happening in the womb during development or the child having a sibling that is the opposite sex than them and they pick up their type of behavior whether it is a boy or a girl. On the other hand, homosexuals are often made fun of by the heterosexuals. An explanation for heterosexuals’ behavior towards homosexuals is mainly because it is out of the norm and for people who are strongly religious; the bible doesn’t state anything along the lines of being homosexual. Males typically have more of a hard time with society when they are homosexual than females. As stated in the video, it is easier for a girl to be homosexual because society would view her as a “tomboy”. Being homosexual attracts attention in every way whether it could be good or bad. Some people will accept the fact and some people will disagree completely. People believe in traditions and learn from what they see from everyday life, so when heterosexuals encounter a homosexual individual it is something different that interferes with their beliefs that they will not…show more content…
I’ve learned that homosexual individuals have a fifty percent chance of being violently injured by heterosexual individuals. I’ve learned that during development something can go wrong in the womb where the genitals can develop one way and the hormones in the brain can develop a different way. Also, individuals can be born with their genitals not fully developed by having a penis with an opening on the side or having a vagina with a large clitoris. There is also a surgery that can reconstruct the genitals into either a male or female, like Max’s situation. One last thing I’ve learned from this video would be noticing the emotional rollercoaster of parents that have kids that are homosexual. It is hard to accept that their child wants to be like their opposite sex and have relationships with individuals of the same sex. Parents have to be very supportive of their child especially when society is not at all supportive. Parents have to live everyday worrying that no one will harm their child because of who they chose to become. Last but not least, parents have to face the ridicule from society and family members also when their child is homosexual. It is not something easy to live

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