Homosexuality & Heterosexuality In Society

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Elizabeth Savoy Professor Michael Griffin WGS 2500 Midterm Paper Heterosexuality and Homosexuality in Society Everyone is created differently from each other. We have different skin colors, facial features, genders, and sexualities. As we meet new people, we see the common similarities and differences we have with them, and we judge them by the characteristics they have. People tend to accept the majority’s characteristic as a standard one. That is because the most people are likely to be in that category. But the real problem here is that most of them often think that nonstandard characteristics are wrong or bad, and some of them even think that everyone should follow the majority’s way. Also, on the other side, there are people who try to be like the majority, giving up their own. There are many cases in which people have to adjust to the society, rather than adjusting society to them. Likewise, this applies to the homosexual problem. There is a lot of movements associated with homosexuality at this time, and yet disputes from the both sides never come to an end. Acceptance of homosexuals has come far, but in society today we aren't anywhere near reaching an overall acceptance. Many people have hateful and discriminatory feelings toward homosexuals. Homosexuals are into the same sex and heterosexuals are into opposite sex. When a heterosexual couple goes out in public, they can make clear their affection by hugging, kissing, and holding hands and the people in society are fine with that. When a homosexual couple goes into the public eye, society expects them not to display the public affection. It can be seen as disrespectful to everyone and people tend to make ordeals. Heterosexuals are more privileged than that of homosexuals. Society has built in an image that states heterosexuals are superior to homosexuals, that is why
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