Homosexual Men in the Midle East Essay

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Homosexual Men in the Middle East: The Perception and Treatment of Homosexual Men In every corner of the world there are different cultures, ideas, and beliefs practiced. Similar customs may be carried out differently, depending on the context of the individual culture’s thoughts, rituals, and social interactions. However, these varying practices are the societal norm in each culture’s personal perspective. For example, in some cultures, a belief or practice may be viewed open-mindedly with extreme variance and freedom, while in another culture it could be condemned with no leniency regarding the subject. There are a myriad of ways that people form their opinions on race, gender, sexuality, and social status, but many people acquire their opinions and morals based on the religion they practice. Religion commonly plays a defining role in many views, opinions, and practices shared by the community. In Islam, the predominant religion in the Middle East, some rules are very clear and general viewpoints are held with high respect. When it comes to specific messages, their meaning is concrete and their perception does not sway or deviate. In regards to sexuality, there is a strict moral pathway that every Muslim is to uphold. In Islam, homosexuality is a forbidden act altogether in and is heavily punished. Homosexual men and acts in Middle East are perceived and treated in a manner depicting of sin and acts are crucially punished, death included. In a strict society where women wear hijabs to cover themselves and sexual impurities by daughters sometimes results in their own death to restore family honor, homosexuality is not a subject taken lightly. The modern population has inherited its view from past generations and now includes the same negative and damning conclusions towards homosexuality (Habib 32). A personal interview with a Middle Eastern native from

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