Homosexual Marriage: Boies V. Stanton

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Homosexual Marriage: Boies versus Stanton The fight for civil rights in the United States has gone through different phases, the most current of which is the dispute over whether or not homosexuals should be allowed to marry. The various states of the union have treated this issue in different ways: some have passed laws that allow gays and lesbians to wed; however, most have held on to the idea that marriage should be reserved for heterosexual couples. By and large, the nation is divided over this matter. David Boies and Glenn T. Stanton discuss the basic arguments behind this controversy. Boies supports gay marriage; Stanton rejects it. Boies supports gay marriage by stating that it is a civil right. He also states that marriage is held at a legal standard not a religious standard. Moreover, Boies shows that the Supreme Court has consistently stressed the importance of marriage. Boies makes some strong points about supporting same-sex marriage. Marriage is a civil right. A civil right is suppose to protect against discrimination, but discrimination occurs…show more content…
Raising a child can be special, but a male and female together is not what makes raising that child special. The love and attention that a parent gives a child is what makes that relationship unique, whether the child gets affection from two males or two females. I believe a child has the right to be loved and cared for, but the love doesn’t have to be from the birth parents. Stanton says that the way a child can turn out right is if a married natural mother and father raise it. I totally disagree, but the birth parents can also raise bad children. Many children are not raised by their biological mother and father, and they turn out just fine. Stanton’s argument consists of either or reasoning, and is not considering single parenting that can be caused by death. He seems to be stereotyping

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