Homosexual Adoption Essay

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Ever since 1957 (where the first Cuban homosexual couple raised their case to the United Nations), the topic of homosexuality has been a highly debatable one; should it be ignored or penalized? Should homosexuals be allowed to be joined in holy matrimony? Is this an act of defiance to god’s will or are we doing what he indirectly instructed us to do? Fifty-five years lead us to our present day, whereby the homosexual community has come very far: our judicial system permits any individual to practice homosexual activities; it is legal in most states of the United States of America as well as Canada, Brazil, Venezuela and Argentina to be married homosexually; and finally, following any legal marriage it is officially permissible to adopt a child. This last statement raises one very important problematic: would the infant with homosexual parents grow up to be ordinary, like members of his peerage, or would the peculiarity of his parentage cause him trauma on a social and psychological level? Extensive research on the subject conducted by renowned psychologists and sociologists show us that a child with homosexual parents tends to develop several oddities in his behavior and way of thought that were not witnessed in his peers. These oddities include adapting to the fact that not all his friends have two mothers or two fathers, why members of a different sex are publicly displaying scenes of affection and most importantly what should his sexual orientation be? This topic is a vital one to tackle for many reasons, not least is the fact that with recent tallies showing that the number of homosexual marriages is constantly on the rise, then the number of homosexual adoptions is logically set to follow that increase, which means that if it is true that those children are socially and psychologically somewhat disoriented, then the future of the world may need to be rethought

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